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Dr. Iman Roghani - Dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon

Dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon
Dr. Iman Roghani
Dr. Roghani is a member of American and European Academy of Dermatologists and Iranian Dermatologists Association and has always been trying to acquire new science and techniques and update the world’s information and equipment, and for this purpose he has made many trips to advanced countries and participated in seminars and congresses. He has participated in specialized skin and hair events, including EADV, IMCAS, etc.

Dr. Roghani’s expertise and activity are mostly in the diagnosis and treatment of all skin, hair and nail diseases, performing specialized skin lasers, rejuvenation, hypotherapy and performing all cosmetic surgeries such as botox, gel, fat and nanofat injection, thread lift, eyelid surgery, cryotherapy, specialized treatment of genital warts, subcision and treatment of acne scars in their own new and exclusive way, hair and eyebrow transplant.